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The Inportance of the Cow and Ghee

The cow, the woman, the planet, the solar and cosmic systems are all regarded as cows in the Vedic system. Yogis, seers, sages, saints, initiates are also seen as cows-celestial.

There is the cow in us as the Word. It can also be milked by the right approach. The worship of the cow with veneration and right utterance, causes the secretion of glands. When the glands, such as the thymus secretes, the heart quality manifests. When the Pineal gland secretes and links up to the Pituitary gland, the soul quality manifests. When the throat secretes, the words that we utter would be prophetic. Such is the beauty of the Celestial Cow, the Word. The cow can even bestow the bliss of Existence. Immortality is incidental.

The meaning of the hymn is obvious. It does not need much elaboration. It is an invocation to bring the Word down from Sahasrara, the highest peak Manasa Sarovar, which is Brahma Manasa Sarovar, which exists in our Sahasrara. In the hymn we ask that IT may descend from there to the plains and flow down further upon the lubricated path. If the path is lubricated, the flow is smooth. The hymn speaks of ghritachi.

Ghrita is ghee, clarified butter. It lubricates the brain, the cerebral system. Ghee is prepared from butter derived from cow milk. The cow has something extra-terrestrial in its being and is recognised as holy. Therefore the Vedic Seers respected it. The essence of cow milk in its ultimate state is ghee, lubricating the cerebral system, so that the flow from the higher centres can distribute itself to the lower ones without blockages.

The cow is called Go in Sanskrit. Go means, the energy beyond the 7 planes. Gopi is the one who holds this energy, Gopala is the One who rules over the beings of the 8th plane. It is needless to say that he also rules over all the succeeding planes.

Kama Dhenu is a cow, which can manifest whatever is required. Initiates are such cows and their Master, (the cowherd boy) is Lord Krishna. Since the soul quality of the cow is experienced in the ghee, it is used even today in all the rituals of the great ashrams. It is a replica of the 7th tissue in us, relating to the 7th plane. It stimulates the 7th tissue when it is eaten and gives vitality to the body, lubricating the whole path of Sushumna, Ida and Pingala.

This 7th tissue is called Sukra, which is also the name of the planet Venus in Sanskrit. It carries the secrets of immortality. It gives vitality and strengthens the Sacral Centre. It is called Ojas. Ayurveda aims at bringing Ojas to us to make the vital body strong, and it strengthens the mind. This is the gift that ghee has for you, provided you follow the other regulations.

Selection from classes by Dr. K. Parvathi Kumar

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